6L ULV Fog Spray Machine Package w/ 6L of Disinfectant Solution

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1200W Portable Electric Spray Disinfection Machine



Model Electric ULV Sprayer Voltage AC 110V Power 600-1000W Tank Capacity 6L Fog Particles 0-50 microns (adjustable) Spray Distance 6m-8m Power Line Length 6m Max. Spray Rate 400ml/min (adjustable) Weight 3.8kg/2.8KG Size 48x22.5x26cm



1, hotel, hotels, shopping malls, retail, restaurants, and general commercial disinfection

2, hospitals, schools, theaters and other public places disinfection;




1. This sprayer is not allowed to spray or fill flammable, explosive, highly corrosive substances, such as alcohol, gasoline, benzene and high concentration disinfectant (the disinfectant must be diluted before use).

2. Please do not use the sprayer in the tightly closed room. The doors and windows can be closed after spraying to increase the application effect and protect human health.

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