ASI 0394-(N) EZ Fill™ Stand Alone Foam Soap Dispenser w/ 1L Bottle

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EZ FILL™ features heavy-duty brass dispensers with chrome plated finish, an anti-rotation flange and is easy to use. Translucent tank holds 33.8 oz (1 L) of liquid foaming soap. Electrically operated using batteries or alternating current.

Model Options available, choose appropriate suffix: 

  • 0394-1A – EZ Fill™ – STAND-ALONE FOAM SOAP Dispenser with 1 Liter Bottle – Battery Operated (6 D Cell – not included)
  • 0394-1AC – EZ Fill™ – STAND-ALONE FOAM SOAP Dispenser with 1 Liter Bottle – AC Plug In Version


  • Soap Requirements: Proper usage of this dispenser requires, that only soap within the following range for viscosity and pH may be used. 
  • Viscosity Range (mPa·s or cP): 1 – 100
  • pH Range: 6.0 ~ 8.0