ASI 0547 Narcotics Cabinet – Stainless Steel, Combination Lock W/ Dual Doors

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Doors are attached to cabinet with welded on full length 3/16" diameter [Ø4.8] piano hinges. Outer door has all returns toward inside. Inner door has top & bottom returns turned in and latch edge turned out for enhanced security. Five (5) button combination tumbler locked latches with dead bolts shall hold both doors closed. Top cover is removable when inner door is opened and may be reattached to bottom when unit is inverted to reverse hand of door swing in the field. Lock programming instructions are provided.

Two (2) stainless steel shelves furnished and spacing is easily adjusted by owner using eight (8) track clips provided.

11" x 15" x 8-1/4" (279 x 381 x 210 mm)