Building an AODA Compliant Commercial Washroom in Ontario

Today, AODA compliant bathroom are standard and a must for every business open to the public. In Ontario, it became law in the year 2005 to have a bathroom that met the needs of the disabled known as The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). This Act states that every employer who deals with the public must have special accessibility standards in place to assist people with disabilities.

How to make your bathroom AODA Compliant

The best way to create an AODA compliant bathroom is to choose sturdy high quality products that are well made. Below are some requirements to look for to help you get started.

Sinks and Faucets

Sinks must be installed in a way that allows wheelchairs to freely reach the counter/ faucets without any restrictions. The sinks should be installed no higher than 34 inches from the floor, and provide 27 inches of clearance underneath.

Soap dispensers are also something that must be taken into account. Automatic soap dispensers / faucets are not mandatory, however, they are the best and easiest option as they don’t require much effort to operate and easily operated with one hand.

Mirrors and Grab Bars

Mirrors also must be fixed and mounted with the bottom of the mirror no higher than 40 inches off the ground. The top of the mirror should not exceed 74 inches from the floor. If you are planning on installing a full-length mirror, you must make sure that it does not exceed any height requirements.

To be AODA compliant owners must install grab bars to meet AODA requirements. Grab bars assists users with balance and helps reduce slips and falls by providing a sturdy object to grab for improved balance. Grab bars should be sturdy, secure and easy to grab in case of loss of balance. In the washroom, grab bars should be no less than 24”. When installing make sure to install the grab bar between 33 to 36 inches off of the floor.

In Ontario, the Disabilities Act emphasizes the use of grab bars for improved balance and safety. Ideal grab bars should hold at atleast 250lbs and be mounted securely to the wall using strong wall screws and anchors.

If you think your bathroom needs a change to fully serve your clients, Specialty Product Hardware Ltd. is available to give you more information on necessary products. AODA compliance is a must for any business that services the public such as hospitals, restaurants and shopping centres.

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I didn’t realize that commercial washrooms in Toronto had so many rules! Good thing i saw this list before i open my restaurant. Disaster avoided haha! Thanks

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