Industrial & Commercial Doors

Specialty Product Hardware is your #1 Choice for Industrial & Commercial Doors and Frames throughout Ontario! From Industrial Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, Commercial Doors, Commercial Wood Doors, Fire-Rated Metal Doors, Commercial Access Panels and more!

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Toilet Partitions

SPH is Proud to offer all Major Materials of Toilet Partitions including Powder Coated, Stainless Steel, Solid Plastic, Phenolic, Compact Laminate, and Plastic Laminate!

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Demountable Glass Partitions & Wall Systems

Specialty Product Hardware offers a wide range of Demountable & Glass Partitions for Office and Commercial applications

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Commercial Washroom Accessories

Shop our Large Selection of Commercial Washroom Fixtures including Hand Dryers, Dispensers, Accessibility Products, and Baby Change Tables

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Lockers & Storage Solutions

Specialty Product Hardware also offers a wide range of Locker colors and materials including steel, solid plastic, and phenolic.

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Trusted Construction Specialty & Architectural Product Solutions

Commercial Washroom Products, Interior Partitions, Industrial & Commercial Doors, Lockers & Storage, Construction Specialty Products, & Architectural Products

At Specialty Product Hardware (SPH), we are leaders in the Canadian Commercial Construction Specialty & Architectural Products and Supplies industry. From Washroom Toilet Partitions, Glass Office Partitions, Operable Partitions, Industrial & Commercial Doors, Lockers & Storage Products, Commercial Washroom Accessories, Plumbing Fixtures, Specialty Architectural Products, Commercial Specialty Products, and more! Our Commercial Specialty & Architectural Product consultants are here to get your project off to the right start, with award-winning Commercial Specialty & Architectural Product Service and Installations.

Ontario's Leading Construction Specialty & Architectural Supply

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Top Rated Commercial Washroom Products

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Save 8%
Dyson Airblade V (HU02) Hand Dryer - Specialty Product Hardware Ltd.Dyson Airblade V (HU02) Hand Dryer - Specialty Product Hardware Ltd.
Dyson Airblade V (HU02) Hand Dryer
From $1,099.99 $1,199
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Save 15%
Frost 109-70S Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser - Metallic - Specialty Product Hardware Ltd.Frost 109-70S Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser - Metallic - Specialty Product Hardware Ltd.
Save 17%
ASI 3707-4P L-shaped Grab Bar | 30"x 30" - Specialty Product Hardware Ltd.
Save 14%
Specialty Product hardware ltd. Frost 101 – Universal Paper Towel Dispenser
Save 20%
Specialty Product hardware ltd. Frost 107 Paper Towel Dispenser - MetallicSpecialty Product hardware ltd. Frost 107 Paper Towel Dispenser - Metallic
Save 41%
Frost 199-S Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser - Metallic - Specialty Product Hardware Ltd.
Save 40%
Frost 330 - Waste Receptacle 50L , Metallic - Specialty Product Hardware Ltd.
Top Rated Hand Dryers
Specialty Product hardware ltd.
Specialty Product hardware ltd.
$1,199 $1,099.99+
Specialty Product Hardware Ltd.
$699.99 $649.95
Best Rated Soap Dispensers
Specialty Product hardware ltd.
$199.99 $189.99

New Products

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SPH Canada Logo | Toronto, ON

We are Laser Focused on Delivering the Commercial & Architectural Products you need - When and Where you need it!

With Clients across Canada and Connections around the World - Specialty Product Hardware (SPH) is well suited to get you the best product for the best price. Our broad scope helps meet the needs of healthcare, education, office, and retail buildings, as well as airports, stadiums, government offices, cultural centers, and hotel/restaurant operations.

Canada's Leading Division 8 &10 Specialized Commercial Architectural Product Supplier

Specialty Product Hardware Ltd. is a Major Canadian Distributor, Supplier and Installer of Commercial Division 10 and Architectural Products such as Commercial Washroom Accessories, Washroom Partitions, Lockers & Storage Products, Glass Office Partitions, Operable Partitions, Vertical Bi-fold Doors, Moveable Partitions, Security Grilles and much more!

We offer the best rated Brands in the North American Division 10 Industry today - from American Specialties (ASI), Global Partitions, Metpar Washroom Partitions, Scranton Products, All American Metal Toilet Partitions (AAMCO), Foundations, Frost Products, Dyson, Xlerator Hand DryersMiscea Faucets, American Standard, Zurn, and much more!

Since our founding, we have continuously grown and evolved to meet our client and customer's needs in the commercial, architectural, and institutional sectors. Our competitive pricing, high standards of quality and safety have made us one of Canada's Leading Division 8 & 10 Commercial Architectural Specialty Product Suppliers. Our relationship with national, global Specialty Product suppliers and innovative product developers also ensures that we offer the most complete Specialty Product Line ups available in Canada.

SPH is Ontario's #1 Leading Commercial Washroom & Hygiene Product Supplier

SPH Canada is Toronto / GTA's Best Commercial Washroom Product & Division 10 Supplier. We carry all major brands including Dyson, ASI, Frost, American Standard, Xlerator, Foundations, ASI Global, Moen, SLOAN, and Many more Commercial Washroom Accessory Brands. We are sure to have everything you need for your next Commercial Washroom Upgrade or Commercial Washroom Construction Project. 

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Commercial Hand Dryers

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We are Proud to offer Tendering / Estimation Services for Division 10 Products!

Throughout the years we have developed experience in School and Commercial Construction Division 10 Specialty Product Sales and have grown to be one of the largest retailers and distributors of Commercial Washroom Products, Architectural and Commercial Specialty Products in the Canadian industry.

We provide Division 10 Estimation Services on all size of Building Construction / Renovation projects from $1,000 to $20,000,000+ in size and our experienced Estimating staff will help you no matter the size of your project

Looking to submit your project for Division 10 Product Estimation?

Speak to a Division 10 Commercial Washroom Product and Architectural Specialty Product Estimator

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Commmercial Product Estimation and Tendering - Toronto / GTA

Toronto / GTA's Best Commercial Washroom Partition Supplier

Specialty Product Hardware (SPH) is Ontario's #1 Toilet Partition Supplier and Bathroom Partition Installer based in Toronto, ON Area. Our Bathroom toilet partitions are designed and certified for use in all commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

SPH Canada is proud to be one of the few Canadian Washroom Partition Suppliers that offer ALL 6 Major Partition materials. (Most companies only offer 2-3 styles MAX)

There are 6 main types of materials: Powder coated steel PartitionsPlastic Laminate PartitionsSolid Plastic PartitionsStainless Steel Partitions and the most durable Colour-thru Phenolic Toilet Partitions and Black-core Phenolic Partitions.

Which kind do you need? SPH Canada offers supply and install across the Central & Southern Ontario Area including Toronto / GTA, Newmarket, Barrie, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, London, Kitchener, Cambridge, and St. Catherines  with FAST, EXPRESS SHIPMENT and delivery across Ontario and Canada. 

Specialty Product Hardware (SPH) provides the #1 toilet partitions Toronto, Barrie, Ontario and all of Canada can offer

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