The Benefits of Installing Grab Bars

If you have begun to notice that you or someone you know, isn’t as balanced as they used to be, a grab bar may be a good decision for safety. Grab bars are incredibly important to have in your home to ensure the continued safety of your loved ones, as well as yourself. Due to the presence of water in every fixture, the bathroom is the most common place for an accident to occur. With that said, with planning and some new equipment, you can make your house safer and more accessible to friends and family. Here are the benefits of installing grab bars.

The most common place that grab bars are placed are beside toilets and inside showers / bathtubs. These areas are the highest rated risk when it comes to slips and falls around the home because of the presence of moisture and the usual choice in flooring - tile. Tile and water can make for a very dangerous situation especially when your balance isn’t as strong as it used to be. When grab bars are placed strategically around the home, it can instantly decrease your risk of slips, trips and falls.

Most grab bars are fairly easy to install and can be placed almost anywhere in the home. Today, grab bars come in almost every colour, finish and size to suit any decor. You can find many grab bars that come with very attractive finishes to help blend into any home design. Available finishes range from elegant bronze, stainless steel, and polished nickel.

From traditional styles to sleek and new swing models, grab bars have certainly come a long way. In addition to the various finishes available, you can now choose from every length and direction. From 12” to 48”. From straight to L-shaped. There are many designs and construction to choose from to suit any need you may have. Before buying grab bars for your home, think about how you would use it and how it would be installed. Straight grab bars are very common, however, you can now buy grab bars that will completely surround the toilet for maximum fall protection.

When safety and accessibility are an issue, grab bars are the solution you may be looking for. Protect the people that you care about by providing an easily accessible and safe atmosphere within your home.

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