Frost 1148 – Hands-Free Door Pull



Features: Frost code 1148 hands-free door pulls are popular in locations where there are no automatic doors and sanitization is important. These are often used in schools, airports, hospitals, long term care facilities, and offices. The product is made from 12 gauge steel and finished in a light grey antimicrobial powder coated paint. This finish helps further prevent the spread of bacteria. The door pull can be mounted for use at shoulder heights with a wrist or at ankle height for use with feet. Two labels are included to help indicate to the user how the product should be operated.

  • Can be used with wrists or feet
  • Antimicrobial grey powder coated paint
  • Heavy gauge steel with no sharp edges
  • Mounting hardware included

Materials: Door pull is fabricated from 12 gauge (.1″) thick solid steel. Door pull is painted in a light grey antimicrobial powder coated finished with no sharp edges. Two labels are provided that allow the customer to demonstrate how the product is to be used.

Product Size: 4″ (10.2cm) L x 4.6″ (11.7cm) W x 4.25″ (10.8cm) H.

Product Weight: 1lbs (0.5kg)

Installation: Use the mounting holes in the unit as template to mark the door. Mounting screws are provided. Can be mounted at shoulder height for use with wrists, or at ankle height for use with foot.

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