Dyson Airblade V (HU02) Hand Dryer




Dry Time 12 seconds
Mount Surface Mount
Cover ABS Polycarbonate (Gray or White)
Nozzle 2 Aperture slots along the bottom edge of the dryer
Activation Automatic (proximity capacitive sensor) Touch-Free
Power 1000 Watts
> 110-120V, 9 AMPS, 50/60Hz
> 208-240V, 5 AMPS, 50/60Hz (Single Phase)
Motor Dyson digital motor V4 (brushless DC)
Fan Composite blades (92,000 RPM)
Airspeed 420 MPH
Heating Element None
Filter 2 Pleated HEPA filter cartridges
Product Dimensions 9-1/4″ Wide x 15-1/2″ Tall x 4″ Deep
Net Weight 6.17 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 5-3/4″ x 17-7/8″ x 10-3/4″
Shipping Weight 8.81 lbs.

The newly re-engineered Airblade “V,” the HU02, is now 30% quieter, but still has a very fast dry time due to an air aperture redesign and reprogrammed v4 motor. Still ADA compliant surface mounted. The innovative back plate design allows the dryer to be detached from the wall for more convenient servicing and filter changes. A proximity capacitive sensor provides more reliable activation when hands are placed near the dryer. Additional Information: Dyson Part No.: 307171-01 (Replaces AB12-W-HV, 307169-01, 304661-01, 301825-01). Power Usage: 208-240V, 50/60Hz, 1400 Watts. Note: This dryer has an operational ceiling of 6,550 feet above sea level.

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