Frost 1187 Hand Dryer



Frost Hand Dryer

  • Automatic hand dryer
  • Cast aluminum casing
  • Approximately 20 second drying time
  • Power consumption: 2200 watts
  • Sound level: 61-67 db
  • Brushless 100 watt 3,450 rpm motor
  • Sensitive distance of sensor: 4-in – 12-in (10-30 cm)
  • Touch free sensor is activated when hands are placed within the set range under spout.
  • There is a 0.6 sec delay for on and a 2 second delay for off
  • The power will be cut off automatically in cases of irregular use over 120 seconds
  • Sensor will reset during normal use
  • Sensor is 100% moisture proof
  • Wind measure: 161 cfm, (274 m3/h), Wind velocity: (16.5m/sec)

Dimensions: 7″D x 13″W x 9″H

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