Frost 1197 – Dry Edge Hand Dryer

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Shipping Size: 9″D x 14″W x 24″H
Shipping Weight: 29 lbs. (13.1 kg.)

Site Location: Ideal for areas requiring efficient hand drying technology.

Features: LED status indicators, Standby: displays red; Active during drying displays blue. Drying time is between 10 and 15 seconds. Drip proof: IP 23; Isolation: Class 1. Infrared sensor range: 12cm (4 3/4″).  Warm air speed output is 65-100 m/s (140-224 mi/hr) and is adjustable. Easily wheelchair accessible. Absorbent ceramic captures excess water and draws it into drip tray. Filter assembly consists of an antibacterial filter, carbon filter, and HEPA filter.

Materials: ABS plastic, with built in anti-bacteria agent.

Specifications: Dryer volume range: 89-124 m3/h (55-76 CFM), adjustable. Heater element has on/off settings with adjustable range of 300-450w. Sound pressure is min. 65 dB-A – 78-A max. @ 1m. Motor type: 1HP, 400-750W, 11000-20000 R.P.M., Adjustable. Operating voltage: 110V-120VAC, 50/60 Hz, 9.2-10 A, 1.0-1.2kW.

Weight: 10.8 kg (23.8lbs); G.W.: 12.8ks (28.2lbs)

Dimensions: 7.25″D x 12.6875″W x 22″H

Safety Features: Motor thermal protection. Auto resetting thermostat turns off unit at 135 Degree C (275 deg. F). Heater thermal protection: Auto resetting thermostat turns off unit at 85 Degree C (185 deg. F). Heater thermal cut off at 142 Degrees C (288 deg. F).

Certifications: UL (Canada, enhanced mark), CE, EMC, LVD, WEEE, ROHS certified

Maintenance: Motor assembly and all working parts must be kept clean from excessive dirt/dust and any form for foreign debris. Failure to maintain unit may reduce performance and result in void of warranty.

Warranty: Complete 5 years from date of purchase.

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