Frost 711 – Profile Soap Dispenser

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Features: Easy refill at top. Keyed lock filler cap. All mounting screws concealed.  Lucite soap level indicator window.

Materials:  Drawn and welded construction of 20 gauge stainless steel, type 304 brushed finish.

Dispensing: Dispenses liquid soap at 10-20% solution as well as more viscous synthetic detergents, lotions, and antiseptic soaps. We do not recommend any soap types that have an ammonium based surfactant, ie. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, or chloride (CI or NaCI) based solutions. Please discuss with your janitorial supplier as to which type of PF neutral liquid soaps would be appropriate for this product. Prolonged exposure to these harmful chemicals may lead to discolouration and/or corrosion of the stainless steel and are not covered under warranty.

Capacity: 55 oz. capacity, (1.5 litre)

Weight: 2 lbs. (0.9 kg.)

Dimensions: 3.8″D x 7.38″W x 6.5″H

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