Frost 717 – Touch Free Foam Soap Dispenser

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Shipping Size: 6″D x 6″W x 12″H
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs. (1.3 kg.)

Site Location: Ideal for high traffic areas and multiple mirror mounting.

Features: Foam soaps reduce consumption and improve washing effectiveness. Unit is powered by 4 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included). Battery life is 20,000 cycles or one year. Low battery indicator: flashes blue.

Materials: Stainless steel construction

Dispensing: Soap is dispensed when hand is placed within 2-1/4″ (6cm) under the unit. Foam quantity dispensed: 0.7-0.8 cc.

Capacity: Soap container capacity: 800 cc (29.5 ounces).

Weight: 3 lbs. (1.3 kg.)

Dimensions: 4.1875″D x 4.375″W x 10.875″H

Installation: For unrestricted access, bottom of unit to floor should not exceed 44″ (111.7 cm). Ensure unit is mounted 20cm above any horizontal surface (30cm for stainless steel). Prior to mounting using self adhesive: clean glass surface, mark clearly with removable marker or masking tape the exact location and plumb line for unit. The foam tape backing on the dispenser does not allow for repositioning if it is mounted crooked or askew. Allow tape to set ten hours prior to filling dispenser with soap and loading batteries.

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