Frost 941-FT - Fixed Tilt Mirror

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Frost 941-FT – Stock Series Fixed Tilt Mirror Site Location: The 941 fixed tilt mirror is ideal for any barrier free location. Features: Comes in bright annealed finish. Vandal resistant concealed mounting. Standard float glass with shock resistant primary back. Full galvanized back panel. Materials: One piece 24 gauge stainless steel channel frame provides rigid assembly. Fixed tilt frame is one piece 20 gauge stainless steel.

Available Sizes: 941-1630FT – Fixed Tilt Mirror 16″w x 30″h | 941-1824FT – Fixed Tilt Mirror 18″w x 24″h | 941-1830FT – Fixed Tilt Mirror 18″w x 30″h | 941-1836FT – Fixed Tilt Mirror 18″w x 36″h | 941-2430FT – Fixed Tilt Mirror 24″w x 30″h | 941-2436FT – Fixed Tilt Mirror 24″w x 36″h

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