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The days of a basic functional commercial washroom are gone! Today, customers expect more in their daily consumer experience and your washrooms are a key aspect of that. In fact, the condition of a company's washroom facilities can play an important role in your customers overall satisfaction. Washrooms that bring a wow factor see a dramatic increase in business growth and customer experience.
Poorly kept washroom facilities reflect badly on the overall business. For customers, washroom conditions, facility cleanliness and overall quality are a reflection of the business as a whole. Washrooms affect the whole consumer experience. A clean, well-designed facility encourages customers to stay longer and boosts the likelihood of repeat customers. A poorly-kept bathroom, however, has the opposite effect. Have you ever gone into a poorly-kept commercial washroom and been eager to come back to that business? Probably not.

 Create The Best Impression

Your commercial washroom is usually the first place customers will visit and as everyone knows, first impressions count. Customers want to experience a welcoming and clean environment with quality fixtures and plenty of space. As such, it’s important to ensure that your commercial washroom is designed well and impresses customers within seconds of visiting your establishment.
A restaurant may serve the best food in the world but if their commercial bathrooms don’t reflect the same quality and care, it will reflect poorly on your business. A poor experience has a higher chance of being passed around than a positive one. A bad review is bound to influence other consumers and most people will decide to to avoid a business altogether based on poor facility hygiene.


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Think Clean!

A clean public restroom delivers a positive message to your customers. It suggests that the business itself is clean, hygienic and promotes strict cleaning policy. It also reflects a company’s values and attitude toward its customers. Great attention to detail helps to ensure that your customers feel valued and that a company takes their customers experience seriously.
Overflowing garbage bins and dirty washroom sinks don’t promote confidence in your customers. Poor washroom quality and hygiene reflect badly on your business as a whole. While this may seem obvious for most business owners in the restaurant industry, this information extends to every business that serves customers including hotels, retail centres and fitness centres.

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