How to Minimize the Risk of Vandalism in your Commercial Washrooms in Toronto

How to Minimize the Risk of Vandalism in your Commercial Washrooms | Toronto

Every area of your commercial washroom has the potential to be damaged and vandalized. For business owners and managers of modern commercial facilities there are many ways to minimize this and therefore save you money.

The following is a short list of the common areas within commercial washrooms that are prone to vandalism along with ways to minimize the risk of damage and overall expenses.

Toilet Partitions

Weak, inferior toilet partitions are a major concern, particularly in schools. Users, typically young children, may swing from the doors and headrails. All the toilet partitions supplied by Specialty Product Hardware come standard with strong, stainless steel toilet partition hardware which will ultimately increase the lifespan of your toilet partitions. When choosing your toilet partition material, make sure to keep in mind who will be using your facilities. If your commercial washrooms will be used primarily by young children / teenagers, look for something durable such as Solid Plastic Partitions or Phenolic Partitions which is the most durable partition materials you can buy for your commercial washrooms.

Exposed Pipework

Exposed pipework is one area that is asking for trouble within a commercial washroom or public restroom. Not only does it look untidy and is an area which will likely gather a lot of dust, it is frequently subject to vandalism which can result in major plumbing repair bills which can be very expensive.
The easiest way to prevent this is by concealing as much piping as possible behind duct panels and under vanity units. This prevents access to users while simultaneously allowing access to janitors or repairmen.


Sink Faucets Left Running

Leaky faucets or taps left running can be a huge waste of money, but when vandals insist on blocking drains, the situation can become even worse. An effective way of dealing with this issue is to invest in commercial sink faucets with sensors. This prevents taps from being left on by automatically shutting the water off when not in use.


General Material

Certain plastic materials can be very easy to damage versus hard-wearing metals, phenolic and solid plastics. For washrooms prone to vandalism it is wise to choose products, like washroom dispensers, made from sturdy metals like stainless steel. These are usually lockable and therefore prevent future vandalism while making your commercial washroom look more sleek and put together. 



The SPH Commercial Washrooms Toronto team has a wealth of experience in building and supplying commercial and public washrooms, in particular, the options to restrict vandalism and maintain a longer lifespan. We have everything you are looking for including Hand Dryers, Grab Bars, Baby Change Tables, Toilet Partitions, Lockers and a wide variety of dispenser plus much more.

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I have such a hard time keeping vandalism at bay these days in my commercial washroom in Toronto… This list will surely help to make things right! Great post guys!

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