Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towel Dispensers: Which One is Better?

In the commercial industry the debate about the benefits of hand dryers versus paper towel dispensers is a long and drawn out battle. Depending on the size of your business, it is a crucial question to ask. In most situations, hand dryers are the superior choice for savings and cost. 

Paper Towel vs. Hand Dryer Concerns

Most issues people have with making the switch to Hand Dryers is the concerns of hygiene. Older styles of hand dryers were basically just blowing bathroom air around including germs and bacteria. However, nowadays the new models of hand dryers are focussed on destroying bacteria and germs by filtering it out before it leaves the machine. Before hand dryers were slow and inefficient, however, now they are high-speed and energy-efficient, which can save you more money down the road. One of the top choices for washroom hand dryers canada is the Dyson Airblade V Dryer.

Dispenser vs. Hand Dryer Toronto Labor / Cost

The main benefit of Hand Dryers vs Paper Towel Dispensers in Canada is efficiency. Hand Dryers may have a larger upfront cost, however, they end up saving you money down the road since you don’t need to continue to buy paper towels which can be expensive in most businesses.

Paper Towel Dispensers can make a mess if the disposal unit is not emptied frequently. Many customers would not be impressed to see used paper towel all over the floor. Thats another benefit of commercial hand dryers - no mess. Depending on the traffic that your washroom sees day-to-day you may need to actually buy a bigger waste bin to hold all of the waste. When it comes to tidiness, paper towels don’t compare.With hand dryers, this issue is avoided.

Environmental Issues

The use of Paper Towels is a great strain on the environment. Paper towels once used can’t be recycled so usually they end up in the landfill. Even if you use your hand dryer on max power for a good portion of the day, you will still end up saving money in the long run.

Bottom Line

If you are a business owner who looks to save money wherever you can, hand dryers are a great investment for business. They can help you save money, stay tidy and lower your carbon footprint.

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