Hand Dryers: The Best Choice to Make for Your Business

Types Of Hand Dryers for Your Business


If you have been to any sort of commercial establishment, then you have probably seen or used a Hand Dryer. You also have probably seen the effects a paper towel dispenser can have. Paper towel dispensers are good options for some smaller businesses, however, most businesses who see high-traffic daily should look into buying a Hand Dryer due to cost-savings.

Paper towels can be wasteful. They have a useful purpose, but they can be very expensive depending on customer/staff use and they are bad for the environment.


Types of Hand Dryers

Commercial Hand Dryers have become increasingly popular in the last 10 years mainly due to the savings and rise in eco-friendly products.


Traditional Hand Dryer

Traditional Hand Dryers were very common up until the 2010’s, then once the technology developed further more advanced options became available. Traditional Hand Dryers are notable for their large silver button that starts the machine. Typically these take about 25+ seconds to dry hands which is considered very long for present day hand dryers. Although these have a longer average run time they are very affordable and it is a step up from the traditional paper towel dispenser option.


  • Economical


  • Longer Average Run Time
  • Push Button: Can be unsanitary
  • Not very ecofriendly, needs more electricity to run.



High Speed Hand Dryer

Many people find that the traditional hand dryers are more of a nuisance when compared with high speed hand dryers. High speed hand dryers are able to dry your hands between 8 - 15 seconds. They also use less energy than the traditional option making them a great investment for your business.

The only downside of high-speed hand dryers is that they typically cost more than the other options available and they can also be quite loud. The most popular choices of high speed hand dryers are the Xlerator and Dyson Airblade V.


  • Quick Run Time
  • Energy Efficient


  • Can be expensive
  • Noise


Automatic Hand Dryer

Automatic Hand Dryers are the most hygienic option available in hand dryers. They don’t require the operator to push a button.

Automatic hand dryers have a sensor which turns the machine on automatically when your hands are placed in the view of the sensor. This is also an incredibly efficient option as well, once your hands are removed from the view of the sensor - the machine shuts off. No wasted electricity.



  • Hygienic
  • Energy Efficient


  • Can be expensive


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