Five Fast Facts About Phenolic Toilet Partitions

Phenolic partitions are an architectural breakthrough which has shown a steady increase in popularity in contractors and building developers due to their incredible aesthetic and available colours. Phenolic partitions are made with cellulose fibres and specialized resins that work together to create a truly unique washroom partition material with very significant advantages. When used and installed properly phenolic partitions offer many benefits.

  • Phenolic partitions may not be as flame resistant as concrete or steel, however, they are far superior in fire protection than regular wood, interior drywall or exterior vinyl. 
  • Phenolic partitions also offer acoustic stability perfect for interior applications with structural aspects built from steel, concrete, and glass. They also work well as space dividers in locker rooms or offices, along with many other commercial building applications.
  • Phenolic toilet partitions can be customized to fit many different shapes that a commercial washroom may require. Whether straight or angled or radius curved walls, the panels can be designed to to meet the needs of a particular building design based off the architects specified plan.
  • In addition to the phenolic partitions general shape, the phenolic panel can also be fitted with flutes, grooves, or other decorative highlights traditionally achieved by custom carvings and moldings.
  • Another major benefit of phenolic partitions is how they are manufactured in a factory setting as part of a superior building system. This makes them an environmentally responsible building material. There is very little waste and less chance of accidental ground contamination compared to traditional building systems.

Phenolic partitions continue to grow in popularity as the technology in creating them continues to improve. Phenolic offers many advantages over traditional commercial washroom partitions and methods that  should be considered as a beneficial option for new commercial washrooms and renovation of older commercial washrooms. They are becoming increasingly popular and are surely going to be in use for many years to come.

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